Cathedral Bells Ten and Six Guitar: My original and once main ‘Blues Driver’ – this is still probably my favourite Mooer pedal – still sounds wonderful, and would recommend to all. Not exactly either Blues Driver or Bluesbreaker, but touches on both no embeddable video available yet – will update in the future. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. Black Tapex 2 should definitely be up ”

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CallowayJan 28, As stated in the intro, my choice of the modified versions would be the JHS maarshall with 3-way voicing toggle – giving you Stock, Fuzz and Distortion tones. Originals listed first, then alphabetical. I’m actually selling one Some people don’t like lbuesbreaker slightly brittle nature of the original Blues Driver – in which case I recommend the Analog. Do you already have an account?

Filter content by area of interest Amps. Your name or email address: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Jan 27, 3.


Bluesbreaker vs BD-2

These are all essentially wide-gain-ranging bluesy pedals, some with really clever voicing options. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews.

Latest Popular Tags Comments. A bluesy pedal with dual 3-way clipping switches which give it a wide variety of tones – also a sort of 3-band EQ but by a different name – Detail, Body and Treble Cut – each of which allow you to target a different range of frequencies.

BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver vs. Marshall Bluesbreaker? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Frankg11Jan 28, Your name or email address: I was diggin up some cool tones today with those as a matter of fact. FenderBigotJan 28, The Key Pedal Enclosure Sizes you are most likely to encounter. These include the Analog.

There are actually two version of this – with and without Bass Boost – so the Keeley-style ‘Fat’ mode in effect – definitely go for that option!

Digitech Screamin’ Blues Ve basically a Boss BD-2 clone with more adjustable tone independent bass-treble controls and is supposed to be great. I have a keeley bd-2 and my buddy made a bluesbreaker clone. Robert took the blueprint from hits own Boss BD-2 modification – ‘Fat Mod’ and has improved and evolved that and incorporated into his own Blues Driver style pedal. Jan 27, 5.


Or if you like it smoother, then probably Bluesbreaker clones are preferable to you than Blues Drivers. Sounds very Blue-Driver-like to me, and is certainly worthy of consideration.

Had a built in compressor. El KabongJan 28, Bulesbreaker Post By RorysStrat 11 replies RambleFXJan 30, I had the BB and didnt use that either.

Tubescreamer, Blues Driver, or Bluesbreaker? – Ultimate Guitar

You hoss log in or sign up to reply here. Both use clipping diodes in the feedback loop of the op-amp, but the TS has one diode going in each direction, while the Boss has two going in one direction and only one going in the other direction. I have used that with lots of amps including Fender.

Stretch90Jan 28,