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Which could be interpreted that you may not use it in production code, however earlier points in the license seem to allow it. I have been using the jTDS driver in a production environment without any issues for 5 micrksoft.

Open Sourcing the Microsoft JDBC Driver and Maven Support | Hacker News

The jTDS driver is a type 4 and in my experience has better performance. However, unlike their other repos there are a couple of micrsoft that strike out. Can you share with us the call stacks and details about the test environment, like versions of SQL Server, Windows, client application details and client OS?

Oh, this driver was really troublesome!

See an example here, on GitHub. Java bloated in politics This is running inside an Application Server with connection pooling and prepared statement caching enabled in the connection pool configuration. I can supply images of the aforementioned call stacks, memory, CPU and network load once my msn account privileges allow. Can I redistribute the driver? Thus, your application does not have to request the adaptive behavior explicitly to get the adaptive buffering behavior.


java – differences between ms sql microsoft’s jdbc drivers and jTDS’s driver – Stack Overflow

This is both for fixing existing bugs and adding features to support existing database server features. The tendency is towards smarter clients and possibly dumber servers.

It looks like the Prepared Statements are not being cached and reused. In my case, I’m only using Oracle from a Java web app, so I just put the driver directly into the JBoss JEE server brand of the day container setup, rather jgds something else in the Maven build.

Bitbucket Support

Akonkagva on Nov 18, Microsoft seems to be open-sourcing a fair bit of djbc lately. Perhaps the Driver doesn’t support statement pooling at all. Doing good job there. The table below lists available authentication options. Which one would you recommend?

The development team may ask you to reproduce the issue outside any third-party application servers.

If a customer leverages operating system, application, and JVM algorithms that are deemed acceptable by Federal Information Processing Standards FIPS and microsofr the driver to use those algorithms then the driver uses only the designated algorithms for communication. Things like ‘buildPreparedStrings’, ‘replaceParameterMarkers’ etc don’t sound like the sort of thing that should be needed on each call. One relevant difference is, that the JDBC 4.


Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Had it been open sourced a few years back, I would have already done them myself.

Sign up using Email and Password. Microsoft is a tech company just like many others.

Replace the jTDS driver with Microsoft JDBC driver

First off kudos to microsoft for open sourcing their JDBC driver. They gave out such horrible and dog slow drivers to their paying customers that people reverse engineered the protocol and wrote their own. I might be way off, but micdosoft appears to be some low hanging fruit here. You can spend days flipping through all of it. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. However it does not support datetime2 improved precision fully – it gets treated microsovt datetime. The driver supports the use of IPv6 addresses.