Quick select buttons are available for the primary solar system objects. Increase the rate at which time passes again by clicking on the button a third time. JSON is a typical format for those files, and you can edit its contents manually. In all of this, the vision of PHD has remained – to be user-friendly, yet provide powerful guiding. Also, it will only reject two frames in a row because of this. This may be useful in installations where one presenter wants to allow a larger audience to follow the actions on several dim screens e.

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The default remote control web interface After enabling the plugin, you can set it up through the configuration dialog.

Just select your star and hit “PHD Guide” and let the software take care of ggc-usb-nfocus. The actual program to call is nona. Texture for the Trees Fisheye landscape.

The parameter can be a full path which will be used verbatim or a gc-ysb-nfocus path. Show galactic grid button You can toggle display of galactic coordinate grid with this button. The controls at the bottom right of the window operate as follows: Time This tool may be very helpful for educational and statistics purposes. Note that more labels will also appear as you zoom in.

Rigel Systems usb-nFOCUS User Manual | 3 pages

This is again multilingual, so the files are called gazetteer. There are some things you might need to know: The panorama width which you can most usefully create depends on the resolution of the source images which leads to the result given by Hugin and on your needs. Quick select buttons are available for the primary solar system objects. DSO The deep-sky object catalog, filter and display settings like in subsection 4. To keep a top line of On each client, the client configuration GUI Figure Actions Boolean switches, for which also hotkeys can be assigned and genuine StelProperties.


Wscom it is possible to override settings which are part of the main Stellarium installation by copying the relevant file to the ascomm area and modifying it there. It is not essential for our tasks, but a general improvement of usability of the Windows command line which else has not caused me any trouble. Planet Hints P Toggle indicators to show the posi- tion of planets.

This driver provides both telescope and focuser interfaces each of which may be used by separate programs. Orthographic Orthographic projection is related to perspective projection, but the point of perspective is set to an infinite distance.

Rigel Systems usb-nFOCUS User Manual

Enter a new location using the longitude, latitude and other data. Converted mean to a double to avoid divide by zero errors came up gcusb-nfocus 8-bit cams with 0 backgrounds – 1. He was a major contributor on the forums, wiki pages and mailing list where his good will and enthusiasm is strongly missed. The Equation of Time plugin shows the solution gc-usb-nficus the equation of time.


This is programmed in the file constellationsart.

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Each line of the file contains one record of two fields separated by the pipe character or three fields the first pair is separated by the pipe character and the last one separated by the space character. The EV column lists the Exposure Value.

Double- clicking sets the respective date and brings the object to focus. For handheld photos, the following considerations should be observed. Barry passed away in October at age Create a new subdirectory, and for maximum compatibility, use small letters and no spaces: It may even help to define that the lower rows have been taken with a different Lens, so the field of view and distortion settings of the horizon row will be used as it had been found during the horizon-only match.

If not, you can download and build the source. Use a huge but weak brush to make a more spotty sky.

Users of Cartes du Ciel1 will be happy to hear that the format of the list of measurements is compatible.