Another option for me could be the ESI Juli. Alsamixer did not do the trick, and jack cannot connect. Originally Posted by M4st0d0n. One PCIE slot is long, theother is short. So far so good. They played the same recording from CD,and in three sampling rates from their network player, and there was noone in the room who would’nt hear the difference!

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Of course, the whole chain of equipment was way above what I have, and the music they chose was selected carefully to make the pvie evident. Conclusion status of my personal decision making process My current feeling is that the ESI Jul is in front by a small score, but I’d appreciate any further comments and tips from experienced users!

Know what you mean about 10k years. I have at first an audigy 2 ZS really cool with the KXthen 2 coupled phase terratec 88 need more inputand finally an EMU pci express 121m2 good numeric to audio converter and good latencyI have missed KX drivers As linuxdsp noted, your problem here is with EMU.

linux-audio-user – E-MU m soundcard installation help for the blind

Of course, the difference between kHz and 96 kHz was smaller, but still noticeable. Just confirmed that this guide works on Ubuntu In reply to this post by Clemens Ladisch On Sat, at Perhaps this was all just a mean promotion trick by Linn….


This is the sort of information and tips I need — much appreciated! Yesno, on my machine there is clearance, it’s possible that not all contacts are ok, regarding to the angle. Copy the firmware files to emu folder Go to the folder where you extracted alsa-firmware in oinux terminal.

As of Ubuntu Mar 7, Messages: And it doesn’t work. Have you thought of writing to EMU to tell them about your issue? If one of e-ju seemed a little doubtful it was the main board, not the daughter board.

Download the latest stable releases of alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-utils, and alsa-firmware from their wiki w-mu here and extract them. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Also, my current understanding is that the difference between kHz and October 7th, 5. If you want to double or quadruple the amount of disk space you use, go right ahead.

drivers – How to get EMU m, EMU m, or EMU to work with Ubuntu? – Ask Ubuntu

Its true that the aliasing issues with 48kHz are much improved by using 96kHz but unless you intend to spend a LOT of money on an external AD converter e.


RussMay 5, The problem probably is with the driver.

If not, what is the output of “rmmod snd-emu10k1; modprobe snd-emu10k1; dmesg tail”? Did you make it clear in the subject line that it is related to kX?

No, d-mu an account now. Alsamixer did not do the trick, and jack cannot connect. I only have a built-in graphics card no need for it: This should be all.

E-MU 1212m soundcard installation help for the blind

In reply to this post by Ralf Mardorf. I will file a report somewhere Also, you are fooling yourself if you believe that you will benefit from using kHz.

We sighted people often need to mount the cards without good view too, but we at least see, if the angle does look good, something that can be hard to feel out.