Using Aruba Remote Capture. The newer the driver, the better the chances that it will work with CommView for WiFi. I launched the program, selected the channel, started capturing, but no packets are displayed. Or simply order a boxed version from us; it comes with a compatible USB adapter. Contact us if you need assistance. Therefore, the adapter cannot send “requests” to have packets resent, nor can it acknowledge successful receipt of packets. Hi ravindra, i just uploaded one video in this article for commaview packet capture.

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The best way to find out if your card is compatible is downloading our Adapter Test Utility and running it on your computer. You must install the driver that comes with CommView for WiFi prior to using this utility. This is not always convenient, as you may need to travel to other parts of the world and be able to monitor locally available channels with CommView for WiFi. Am i using a different version of Commview?

Yes, you can use the Open current buffer in new window button on the small toolbar on the Packets tab. What if want to monitor these channels?

What could be the problem? Is there anything I can do about it?

When CommView for WiFi is not running, your adapter will be able to communicate with other wireless hosts or access points, just like when you are using the original driver supplied by the adapter manufacturer.


By default, the buffer can contain up to awus03h, latest packets, but this value can be adjusted in the Settings window. I’m often logged on as a user without administrative privileges.

WLAN Analyzer and Decoder – CommView for WiFi – Frequently Asked Questions

Consult your company’s legal department. Before running our test utility, make sure that you use the latest driver supplied by your computer or adapter vendor. CommView for WiFi can also be purchased as a boxed product. Additionally, the Standard License is also available as a One Year Subscription, which is a time-limited license valid for one year from the date of purchase vommview.

You need the standard, non-wireless CommView edition. The firmware of the wireless adapters being sold in the US is typically configured to disallow channels 12 and Please refer to the Multi-Channel Capturing chapter for more information.

The newer the driver, the better the chances that it will work with CommView for WiFi. The price includes UPS ground shipping. Generally, the closer to other stations and access points you are, the fewer packets will be dropped.

I try using your guide, however the capture box that pops up for you in the video does not pop up in my commvuew. Speaking of legacy Using Aruba Remote Capture. Does CommView for WiFi run awus063h multi-processor computers?


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You can save the contents of the buffer to a file using the Logging tab. Is there a workaround?

What are my options? Depending on your country, your wireless adapter may not support all aalfa channels shown in that window. Our hardware compatibility list includes only those cards that we’ve tested ourselves in our test lab. I was wondering commciew it matters which alfa wifi card I buy, like, I want one with really long range too, do you have any suggestions?

Hi ravindra, i just uploaded one video in this article for commaview packet capture. We suggest that you refer to the list of compatible hardware, which can be found at http: